South Mountain Community Information

Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the nation and is a major tourist destination as well as the business center of Arizona. The city is filled with diversity, culture, sports, outdoor recreation, premier shopping and dining, and some of the most renowned resorts in the world.

In South Mountain, the community enjoys some of the best views in town, easy access to the airport, and so much more. Good schools, business opportunities and wholesome living make up this section of the East Valley. From the ridgeline of the South Mountain to farm fields and urban neighborhoods, the village offers many different living environments. The rural and open character of the village enhanced by agricultural areas, citrus groves and the foothills, have been a catalyst for recent development in the village.

South Mountain Park/Preserve actually consists of three mountain ranges: the Ma Ha Tauk, Gila and Guadalupe. They stretch diagonally from northeast to southwest. Diagonal mountain ranges that protrude from desert floors, like those of South Mountain, are typical features of the Sonoran Desert. Various minerals were mined in the park in the early 1900s before its birth as a park. Today, the park is one of the great attractions of Arizona and is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise with natural flora and fauna unsurpassed by any other urban park in the country. More than 58 miles of trails can be found in the park, in addition to the Environmental Education Center, and designated picnic areas.

The Ed Pastor/South Mountain Transit Center accommodates seven local bus routes and serves as a gateway landmark for the village. The facility includes preservation of a historic structure at the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Broadway Road.

The YMCA/Field of Dreams provides various childcare and physical fitness programs to the community. The Field of Dreams provides outdoor recreation opportunities for people using the YMCA. Each fall, the community comes together to celebrate the South Mountain Festival of Thanksgiving, where families can enjoy entertainment and a wide range of popular events for all ages.

This part of Phoenix also features one of the most unique historic buildings in all of Arizona. Mystery Castle is an eccentric structure built of native stone and a conglomeration of scavenged materials; it was constructed between 1930 and 1945 and needs to be seen to be believed.

The schools are all top-notch and South Mountain High School has tremendous success in achieving its stated mission to create a community of learners. South Mountain High School has four National Board Certified Teachers. The school also features five of the magnet programs: Aviation and Aerospace Education, Law-Related Studies, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Communication Arts.